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"I love my Folstaf wading staff!! I've used one now for over 25 years and I extol its virtues to anyone who will sit still long enough to listen."

—Douglas Ezell, MD, Billings, MT

"When teetering about in those small streams, or on big rivers or long trails or sometimes just out to the woodshed when it's icy, I stay vertical with a Folstaf wading staff. None of the new high-tech wading staffs has proved as handy and trouble free for me as the old reliable."

—James R. Babb, The Righteous Stuff, Gray's Sporting Journal

"Folstaf has more brute power."

—Bob Grace, Ted Fay Fly Shop, Dunsmuir, CA

"Folstaf has proven to be the best investment in fly-fishing equipment that I ever made."

—Scott Alexander, Santa Ana, CA

"I have had the same Folstaf wading staff for 30 years and it has served me well in some of the roughest and most dangerous rivers here in British Columbia. I am sure that it saved my life on several occasions most notably one February day on the Squamish river when I inadvertently walked down a spine into a pool and it took me 45 minutes to walk back up with the rubble under my feet slipping with every step. I consider a Folstaf the most essential piece of gear for fishing any river. I have purchased several as gifts for good friends and I just bought another one and noticed that the shock cord has now been doubled. My single shock cord lasted 30 years and I also just learned that I hadn't been storing it properly! I think my Folstaf was the best outdoor gear purchase that I have ever made."

—Ronald H Estey MD, Nass River, British Columbia

"Folstaf is incredible–I fish a lot (2 divorces worth) and they are very dependable."

—Thom Butkus, Unionville, CT

"The diabolical, quick-draw Folstaf was the wading staff that comforted me and my wonky ankle all season in the presence of mine enemy, slimy rocks."

—Bob Scammel, Calgary Herald

"I have been using your wading staff down here in Guam to wade out across the coral reef flats while shore diving. I am 58 years old and I love this staff. The dive gear including tank makes for a tough wade in uneven bottom. We have an entire group of old sea dogs, Navy Seals and everything else all getting well into staff age although some are slow to admit it! Its funny how the old dogs hold on. Last night we came in off a night dive a bit off course and ended up in some nasty reef. I led the way with the staff and found the trail as I guided the team ashore. As stubborn as the old dogs are they did stop chuckling about the staff. Thanks so much for a great product"

—Dan Rockway, OR

"You're still making the best product on the market hands down!! Thanks loads!"

—Cecilia "Pudge" Kleinkauf, owner of Women's Flyfishing®, Anchorage, AK

"By the way, great product. It has saved me many times."

—Howard N. Johnson

"Folstafs have saved me from bad falls, especially on the Madison River in Montana where I stay in our camper July and August. I cannot fall due to having contracted multiple myeloma in 2009. I fish in a full body brace and my Folstaf is truly my staff of life! My cancer is mostly in my vertebrae and I refuse to let it get in the way of my fishing. I fish a minimum of 150 days a year including time on our own Ausable River which, as you probably know, is like wading on greased bowling balls. Folstaf is bar-none the best staff available at any cost and my wife and I have four between us. Thanks for the best accessory available to fly fishers!"

—Ronald Walters, Utica, NY

"My Folstaf walking staff traveled to China, where people were in awe of the ability to shake the folded staff into a strong, firm hiking stick. I have several other varieties of hiking sticks, but this is my favorite."

—Phyllis Wong, Renton, WA

"I've been a proud owner of your marvelous wading staff for over 16 years. It has tested the waters of numerous rivers both domestic and foreign. The staff has been a faithful companion through numerous tumultuous situations."

—Ricardo Nunez, CA

"The staffs are great and have extended my fishing time on the streams."

—Spinner Bill, WI

"The Folstaf is perfect. I can keep it on my wading belt 100% of the time, tucked away when I don't need it. It's small enough I won't be tempted to leave it behind or forget it because I can just leave it on the belt."

—Deb Freele, MI

"I weigh 240 lbs and have stumbled often and Folstaf has kept me from falling and never failed me."

—Randolph Mateer

"From the deep subways of New York to the steep bridges of Venice to the side streets of Kyoto, the Folstaf walking staff has been my dapper companion. It's the first thing I pack in my carry-on flight bag and it's the first thing I unpack."

—Maxwell Siegel, Sussex, NJ

"I really like the length and size of the Folstaf walking staff. I have others, but it is perfect for my needs. I carry it all the time in the field so it is available when I need a little help."

—John Top, San Diego, CA

"I attribute Folstaf wading staff to saving my life (at best, a very dangerous dunking) when I was wading the Potomac and was trapped in heavy treacherous current. I never wade without it. You make an exceptional product."

—Bob Bishop

"I never venture into the river without my Folstaf wading staff anchored to my waist. One day it helped save a buddy's life. We were fishing the Potomac on a nice spring day and he hung up his lure up on the bottom. Trying to reach a better angle to work loose the snag, he stepped into a trough and was swept into deeper water. I stripped off my gear and dove in after him. For some instinctual reason I did not take off my Folstaf. When I reached him he was very tired and had gone under a few times. I remembered the Folstaf and used it to probe the bottom to find a boulder we could stand on and we stood there shivering while the adrenalin rush subsided. We used the staff to work our way back to shallow water. The staff was a godsend in that emergency situation and I have acquired an unforgettable respect for the relentless power of moving water. The Folstaf is always strapped to my hip."

—Tom Anderson, Laurel, MD

"By the way, I love this staff."

—Jim Clark

"My Folstaf wading staff is a vital part of nearly every safe and successful day I spend on the water. Thank you for making a product that allows me to fish with confidence in places that I used to just walk past."

—Mike Lyons, Scottsdale, AZ

"I have used my Folstaf with pleasure and gusto for more than 15 years. Thanks for a wonderful product."

—David Morton, Kingston, NY

"I ordered your Folstaf walking super-sturdy and put it to the test: seeing if it would support my nearly 300 pounds while I leaned on it heavily as I climbed a steep hill. I expected it to collapse. Not only did it not collapse, it didn't even bend! I was able to complete a climb that I would not otherwise have been able to do unless I got down on my hands and knees and crawled! I have not been without it since!!

—John Russell

"Folstaf has proven to be the best investment in fly-fishing equipment that I ever made."

—Scott Alexander, Santa Ana, CA

"I have been able to rely on Folstaf everywhere I've gone, all over the world. I have absolute faith and confidence that in any situation it will carry my weight. It's the best tool and best accessory for a disabled veteran. Of all the things I've bought in my life, I have never trusted anything like Folstaf. I could not be more impressed."

—Gavin Sprietsma, Alexandria, Egypt

"I refuse to fish a river without the aid of my Folstaf."

—Bob Betts, Fredericksburg, VA

"I was introduced to your wading staffs by a fishing guide, Dale Kotowski, during a weekend introduction to fly fishing at Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania. Recently retired, I decided to begin fly fishing again after a 45 year absence. When I got stuck trying to cross the first stream, one of the daies in the group came out and helped me cross the river. I literally could not move a foot...lol. Dale and his wife each had one of your wading staffs. I had to find a branch in order to make it back across the stream later in the day. I tried several other foldable or extendable sticks throughout the summer. None of them can begin to compare to the Folstaf. The result of these experiences is that I am a convert to your product. Now that I have the staff I can hardly wait to get back in the streams for steelhead trout. Thank you for making such a fine product right here in the good ole USA."

—Bill Wilson, Jefferson, PA

"I absolutely would not traverse my favorite streams without my Folstaf!."

—Bob Thompson, Portland, OR

"I really love my Folstaf. I have used it for over 10 years on some nasty steelhead rivers, and it works great!"

—Gary Janzen

"My Folstaf saved me from a dangerous fall. Thanks for making such a great product!"

—Tom Gibson

"Your staff is just the best and has saved me from taking many cold swims and falls during hikes into the back country."

—Bill Grems

"Folstaf is a great product and without it I would not be able to wade streams with any degree of confidence or safety."

—Keith Toomey

"The Folstaf worked really well for me on my tour of Southern Italy! It made it all the way up Mt Vesuvius! In fact without it I couldn't have made it to the top rim. It worked well on all the miles of uneven, slippery old marble stairs and hills in Rome, Veiste, Matera and Positano."

—Marilyn W

"Since I purchased a Folstaf in 1994, I have consistently remained high and dry rather than periodically baptizing myself in the holy waters of Montana, Colorado, etc, as in prior years."

—Jim Devine, Oakdale, CT

"My Folstaf is a vital part of every safe and successful day I spend on the water."

—Mike Lyons, Scottsdale, AZ

"I fish mostly in the Adirondacks and on the main stem of the Delaware where the water can be rough and the bottom slippery. I depend upon on my Folstaf to keep me safe. You have invented a product that is a necessity to all fishermen who want that added protection while wading."

—David W. Demarest, Pequannock, NJ

"This is the best product I've ever owned. It has saved my bones more than once, and perhaps even saved my life!"

—Thomas Trotter, Winston-Salem, NC

"I've used my Folstaf for years and it's saved my bacon numerous times. Thanks for inventing such a fine product."

—Jeffrey Hulett, Chester, CA

"This is one of the best pieces of fishing equipment I own. Thank you."

—Patsy Cannon, Huddleston, VA

"The Folstaf has been one of my best angling investments."

—Michael Niss, Wilsonville, OR

"I depend on this critical angling accessory more than is fair. I hope to snowshoe into the Rapid in May and it would be impossible to navigate her spring flow without my Folstaf. I want to thank you for making a wonderful product."

—Joseph F. Conklin, Somersworth, NH

"I have recommended Folstaf to everyone I have ever fished with. If you wade you need a wading staff. Why not use the best, Folstaf."

—Paul A Lezanic, Shelby Twp. MI

"I love the stick. Thank you."

—Robert S. Post, Claremore, OK